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Reliable cybersecurity expertise and services



Security and penetration testing

We perform security and penetration tests on public and local IT/OT/IoT systems; social engineering campaigns; OSINT data collection and analysis.

Incident Response & Investigation

We investigate cyber security incidents in cooperation with Latvian and foreign cyber security and law enforcement institutions; help with post-incident recovery.

Consulting and outsourcing

Consultations on choosing the most effective cyber security solutions; security awareness training; outsourcing of security services.

The source of our team strength is more than 25 years of experience in the field of IT and cyber security, as well as cooperation with leading Latvian cyber security specialists.


Our vision is based on the belief that the challenges of cybersecurity must be addressed holistically. It is necessary to prevent not only the consequences of security incidents, but also their causes.


Choosing the right security solutions is one of the cornerstones of cybersecurity. We use technologies that have gained high recognition on a global scale.

We are a team of cybersecurity professionals with many years of experience in various areas of IT and cybersecurity. Our work is based on the belief that security must be viewed holistically. In order to create the most appropriate cybersecurity solution for the customer, physical security as well as people's ability to recognize and prevent security threats must also be considered.

Our focus is not only on information technologies (IT), but also on the security of production systems (OT). We have carried out security projects in state and municipal organizations, large manufacturing and critical infrastructure companies, as well as medical companies. By investigating cyber security incidents, we have helped clients recover lost financial resources.

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