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OT Security

OT infrastructure management and security services that help organizations protect their OT assets and systems.



OT Security Solutions

In cooperation with leading OT security solution providers, we offer AI-based solutions that will keep Your OT assets and systems secure and protected.

OT security starts with visibility - seeing all OT and IoT devices and behavior on your networks allows to detect cyber threats, vulnerabilities, risks and anomalies for faster response.

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OT Security


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Security Testing & Assessments

Security Testing & Assessments

Our team of professionals offer wide field of security testing and assessments for OT infrastructure and systems.

We provide AI-based security assessments that reveals the actual security posture of the OT infrastructure. Our assessments are based on full network traffic analysis that helps understand asset operations and see everything that is happening in the network.

Because of the non-intrusive analysis methods, OT systems are not affected by the assessment and operations do not need to be halted.

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