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IT Security

Our team of security experts offer a wide variety of cybersecurity related services to help You in every cyber-related situation.



Managed Security Services

HcSEC Managed Security Services (MSSP) is a combination of  all cybersecurity related services for a SMB's.


The services include security monitoring, remote device management, incident response, development planning and other services that will allow Your company to achieve the highest cybersecurity maturity levels.

With our Managed Security Services You will always have a trusted partner in your cybersecurity journey.

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Managed Security


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Security Testing & Assessments

Security Testing & Assessments

Our team of professionals offer wide field of security testing, including penetration testing (white-box, grey-box, black-box), social engineering campaigns and vulnerability  assessments.

We provide AI-based security assessments that reveals the actual security posture of a company by combining data from devices, applications and human behavior in the digital infrastructure.

We will not only help you identify Your security problems but find the right solutions.

Incident response & Investigation

From our decades-long experience in cybersecurity, we have dealt with every kind of security incident - ranging from Denial-of-Service attacks to data exfiltration and even targeted phishing attacks.

Whatever your incident, we can help you organize a fast and appropriate response and lead a full in-depth investigation to find root causes and prevent recurring incidents.

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Incident response & Investigation

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Consulting & Support

Consulting & Support

Need help with a security management, upcoming project or anything else cyber-related? We can help.

We provide consulting and support for security project management and implementation as well as incident and accident management and investigation.

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