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IT infrastructure development and management services.

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Managed security solutions, security testing and monitoring.

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OT network security solutions and management services.

Our Team

We are a team of IT and cybersecurity professionals with more than 25 year experience working with all size and industry companies.

Our Vision

We believe that cybersecurity should not be complicated - just a stream of real-life problems that can be solved with the right tools and decisions.


We equip our security specialists with industry leading tools and cooperate with leading cybersecurity product manufacturers.

We are a team of IT and cybersecurity professionals with years of experience in all IT areas - from system administration and monitoring to penetration testing and incident response.

We aim to provide complete IT and OT infrastructure protection. We live in an era characterized by rapid development of IT technologies and even more rapid increase in security risks. These challenges require a new and holistic approach to security.

We are here to use this holistic aproach and help You overcome all cybersecurity obstacles.

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